Rich Dad and Wise Son


Once, there was a businessman who was so rich and was proud of his richness. He had a nice family with one son. He struggled a lot to gain such richness over the years. The businessman had joined his son in a private school spending lakhs as per his status. Years passed by and his son was 8 years old.

One day, The businessman wanted to show his son, how rich they are and what kind of rich life they are leading. 
Rich Dad planned for a trip with his son where he could show the poor people and their lives. Businessman & his son spent a day on the farm of the poor person. His son was observing all the work being done on the farm & the poor person's family. After spending an entire day with the poor family, Rich Dad & his son planned for returning home the next day. 

On the way back to their home, Rich Dad asked his son, "Hey Son! What did you observe and learn from this trip?" "Did you see how poor they are?" The wise son replied back to his Dad, "Yes Dad! I learned a lot from this trip." 

and the son continues the discussion saying: 

  • We have a big house, they have a sweet home
  • We have a small garden with grassland, They have a green farm
  • We have a swimming pool, They have a river beside the farm
  • We buy food to eat, they grow and help others survive
  • We have a car, they have a cart to travel
  • We have tube lights at night, They have stars
  • We have walls to protect us, They have neighbors & friends
  • We have TV & Mobiles to spend time, they have family & relatives 

The wise son added to his points, "Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!" The businessman now realized where the actual richness lies in and never had such a proud opinion on his richness again.

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