Pass it on!

In the summer of 1965, the entire family had gathered for a family reunion in Plant City, Florida. At 2:00 A.M., my grandmother woke everyone, and started issuing orders to get empty Coke bottles, corks and blank paper ready. “I’ve received a message from God,” she said. “People must hear his word.” She started writing verses on the paper, while all of the grandchildren bottled and corked the passages. 

That morning, everyone drove to Cocoa Beach and deposited over 200 bottles into the surf. 

Over the years, people wrote, called and visited my grandmother, always thanking her for the scripture. She died in November 1974. In December of 1974, the last letter arrived and it stated: 

Dear Mrs. Gause, 

I’m writing this letter to you by candlelight. 

We no longer have eIectricity on the farm. My husband was killed in the fall. He left 11 children and myself behind. They’re all under the age of 14. 

The bank is foreclosing, there’s one loaf of bread left, there’s snow on the ground, Christmas is two weeks away. I prayed to the Lord to forgive me, before I went to the river to drown myself. It ’s been frozen over for weeks now. I had to break the ice, and as I did, a Coke bottle floated up. I opened it, and with tears and trembling hands, I read about hope. 

“But for him who is joined to all the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.” 

You went on to reference other scriptures: Hebrew 7:19, 6:18, John 3:3. I came home and read my Bible, and now I’m thanking God for the message.

We’re going to make it now, Please pray for us, but know we’re all right. May God bless you and yours. 

A Farm in Ohio 

- Chrystle White 

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